Creation CC

Technically refined – inspired by nature

Creation CC is a high-fusing metal ceramic with unique optical and physical properties, which has developed in line with growing aesthetic demands – recognized worldwide for over 30 years!


The perfectly coordinated ceramic materials have excellent homogeneity and thus guarantee high flexural strength. The result is a densely sintered structure for pure and non-porous layering with the utmost reliability.

The pure potash feldspar with micro-pure leucite crystal structure in Creation CC creates iridescent light refraction and natural brilliance which enhances the strength. Exceptional colour nuances can additionally be created with the unique effect materials.

The ceramic bonder Crea Alloy Bond acts as a CTE buffer between metal and ceramic, which improves adhesive properties to non-precious metal and greater colour reliability.

Whether Introduction, Starter, Shoulder, Gingiva, Bleach Shades.

With Creation CC metal-ceramic restorations can be produced with impressive aesthetics and dimensional stability, for superb dental artistry!

Creation CC – natural brilliance and efficiency.