Creation Magic Colour

Magic Colour is the efficient and aesthetical solution for monolithic restorations which creates the connection between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Creation Magic Colour is a concise and clear colour system for perfect colour matching, for personalized colour effects and for technically valuable monolithic zirconium dioxide and lithium disilicate restorations.


The system consists of the following components:

  • Stain powder with and without fluorescence for individual colouring of tooth and gingiva restorations
  • Glaze powder with and without fluorescence for sealing the surfaces
  • A mixing liquid for stain- and glaze powder
  • A special liquid for micro layering
  • Layering materials for micro layering

Magic Colour opens new possibilities for me in the manufacture of monolithic restorations. The stains can be applied evenly and show clear and nature-identical colour effects even in very thin layers.

Magic Colour has a very high firing stability, and the homogeneity of the surfaces is impressive. Better aesthetics can be achieved through micro layering.

In this way, good aesthetics are achieved with only two firings and the efficiency in the individual characterization.