Creation ZiCT

The fine art of ceramics

Creation ZI-CT is an innovative feldspar ceramic containing leucite crystals which is matched to the CTE of all high-strength zirconium dioxide frameworks and structures. Whether white, coloured, or translucent, ZiCT will work in harmony with your zirconia.


The high proportion of pure potash feldspars creates light scatter that is comparable to that of natural teeth , giving brilliant colour effects, while the micro-fine leucite crystals improve mechanical strength and thereby ensure a durable ceramic structure.

Fascinatingly fluorescent is the special bonding agent, Frame Shade NT guarantees strong adhesion to the zirconium dioxide framework and also increases its fluorescence for a powerful bond strength without tensile stresses.

Creation ZI-CT allows restorative work on zirconium dioxide with impressive colour and dimensional stability and with brilliant light reflection and dynamics.

High-fusing, high aesthetics, high stability!