DESS develops and manufactures  high quality dental prosthetics and instruments for use in dental restorations. Please see our curated DESS resources in this section for more information regarding our supplier and their product offerings.

Much of the DESS offering can be purchased directly through our website.

DESS Downloads:

❯ DESS Download Section

❯ DESS 2021 Catalogue

Cendres Metaux Medtech is a Swiss manufacturer of specialist abutments and dental components, in this resources section you can browse our curated list of CM resources; download the brochures below or watch the product videos.

A wide range of Cendres Metaux products can be ordered directly from us over the phone or through email, call today!

DEKEMA is German manufacturer of efficient ceramic furnaces for the dental implant industry; browse our DEKEMA resources section for more information.

Ceramet currently runs DEKEMA days so that you can increase your knowledge and proficiency with “The Oven” – book today!

DEKEMA Downloads:

❯ DEKEMA Product Catalogue

❯ Series i Brochure

❯ DEKEMA Trix 2019 Brochure


Creation are a renowned producer of extremely reliable and long lasting ceramic lines, please see our curated list of Creation ceramic videos for more information about Willi Geller Creation.

You can also view Creation’s resources on their own website below.

Creation Downloads:

❯ Creation’s Resources Section

❯ Creation Willi Geller Catalogue