From The Industry For The Industry

From The Industry For The Industry – An Update From The Team At CMUK

With spring upon us and a glimmer of hope on the horizon for the nation, there are exciting times ahead at Ceramet UK.

We are very pleased to welcome our new Technical Director, Andy Fairbanks, to the team!

To tie in with this news and all that it means for the future of CMUK, we are also announcing the launch of our new slogan:

“From The Industry For The Industry”

From the industry, for the industry

The Story Behind The Slogan

Ours in an industry in which many people are transient, however there are some who begin a career in dentistry and remain in the profession for the long haul. Are they stuck, just managing to earn a crust, or do they simply love what they do? In the case of CMUK owner Darren Shorrocks and new Technical Director Andy Fairbanks, it is most definitely the latter.

Darren and Andy both started out their careers training as Dental Technicians. Darren followed the path of working in a dental hospital, before moving on to biomaterials research and taking on an international role based in Switzerland. A management buyout in January 2020 saw him take full control of what is now Ceramet UK.

After graduating from Leeds Dental Institute with distinction, Andy put in years of solid graft within the industry that ultimately led to him setting up his own highly successful laboratory and running it for almost a decade. Utilising the latest technology and techniques and with the passion and support of a great team, it was built into one of the leading dental laboratories in the UK.

So, two different and varied careers but ultimately Darren and Andy both held the same dedication throughout their journeys; to pass on their knowledge “From The Industry For The Industry”. Building on the foundations of their training and with years of combined industry experience between them, the pair are now in a position to set out on this exciting new venture. Sharing their dental, management and technical knowledge, with the ultimate aim of helping others to improve their skills and evolve their career.

There are great things to come from this dynamic duo and we will continue to update you on all the latest developments. The future is looking bright for CMUK!