Lockdown Announcement

Following the announcement of a 3rd National lockdown, under the new restrictions dental services in England are to remain open.

At CMUK we will be continuing to operate with a skeleton staff, ensuring that we do our best at all times to offer our support and services to the dental industry throughout this period.

A note from our CEO Darren Shorrocks:

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of the management buyout, but instead of celebrating having owned the business for a year, I was greeted with the news of a 3rd lockdown. Not quite the celebration I was hoping for!

However, whilst these are challenging times to serve the dental industry, we have so far managed to steer ourselves through whilst respecting government guidelines, keeping our staff safe and providing our clients with the highest standard of service. I have no doubt we will continue to be able to do so. Thank you to our clients for bearing with us, your support is much appreciated. And a huge thank you also to my brilliant team for their hard work. We will get through this together!

Darren and the Team @ CMUK