Premilled Titanium Blank – 4.1/4.8 (RC) – 62.044

£23.94 ex. VAT


This pre-milled titanium blank is engaging and is 14mm in diameter.
It comes with the final screw – SKU 19.033
Holders for premills:
Holder HLDSTD – 98mm disc holder – Standard 98mm Disc Machines that are wet mills designed for titanium (such as Datron, Zubler, Haas)
Holder HLDVHF – Holder for VHF Machines S1, S2, K5
Holder HLDIMES – Holder for Imes-Icore Machines – Coritec 245i touch, Coritec 250i touch, Coritec 350i / Coritec 350i Loader, Coritec 450i, Coritec 550i, Coritec 650i / Coritec 650i Loader
Holder HLDZZ – Holder for ZirkonZahn® M1 Abutment, M1 Wet Heavy Metal, M5 Heavy Metal Machines
Chrome Cobalt premilled blocks are also available.

Implant System:

Additional information


Conical BL


Screw Included – Pure Switch (100% compatible with original system & drivers)


Titanium Grade 5 ELI/Medical Grade

Platform Diameter


Engaging / Non Engaging